The Month Of Good Friday 2017


In all the Christian states of the world on this Good Friday 2017people protest and show their grief as a funeral. They do not work on Good Friday and attend the ceremony in the church at three o clock. April 14 is the date of Good Friday in 2017. It is a day of sadness and grief for the Christians. They show their love and devotion to Jesus Christ in a religious way. For getting the blessing of their lord they fast and pray the whole day. They do not do any celebrations and functions on this day. In the all Christian government there is a public holiday on Good Friday. The prime factor of this day that is reminds the sacrifice of the Jesus Christ. It keeps their soul calm and in peace. They confess and regret their sins and ask for blessing to lord.

Activities for Good Friday

  1. They prefer fasting. They convince their kids to skip fast food or junk food between the intervals of meals.
  2. They go to church and pray before Lord.
  3. They avoid doing fun or picnic and act sorrowfully inside and outside the home.
  4. They show their grief by skipping school and work.
  5. They wear black color and show their sadness
  6. They eat hot cross buns at home in the breakfast
  7. They read verses of bible and spend time in prayers

In different countries of the world, people protest on the roads in sadness. From noon to three PM are the most sacred moments on Good Friday. It is the peak time of their agony. They hold a silence and motivate their children to sit quietly by remembering the sacrifice of Christ. It makes them sad and they ask for peace to lord. They turn off their TV, phones and other gadgets. They pray sorrowfully for the their good deeds. They pray on rosary and join the church for ceremony. They recite bible verses, scriptures and draw the pictures. They show their passion to their religious by showing their grief. It is an significant day for them.