How To Keep A Positive And High Energy In Your Relationship

How To Keep A Positive And High Energy In Your Relationship

I do understand that being in a relationship is a big deal; coming together of two people with different points of view. But it doesn’t matter whether you two have been together for decades, few months, few days, or just want to.

The truth is, relationships have its ups and downs, which is why keeping a positive and high energy will help you maintain a healthy and enjoyable relationship.

Although love is the foundation of any happy and romantic relationship, but love is not enough. To have or maintain a healthy, pleasurable, and extraordinary relationship, both parties have to be ready to work it out, says Marelisa Fabrega.

And if you consider the spark at the beginning, the first time you met, the first hug, kiss, the first ‘I love you, and lots of memorable times,’ you want to keep the spark alive like forever.

But most couples find it difficult to keep this spark alive for a long-time, but with this experts’ tips, you can keep the high and positive energy, have a healthy relationship, and be happy.

Be appreciative:

David Richo, in a book ‘How to Be an Adult in Relationship’, he explains that “appreciation is one of the keys to mindful loving and healthy relationship.” That is why Alfred Painter, in his opinion, he said, “saying thank you is better than good manners –it is good spirituality.

Have an understanding that no relationship can be perfect:

You should not expect perfection, nor continuous high energy in your relationship, just as you cannot expect to be excited all the time. Relationship has its ups and downs, and you have to be willing to go along with it, together.

Use the word ‘we’:

Tamar Chansky, PhD, in Meralisa Fabrega, explains that “couples who use the word ‘we’ in their conversation are calmer, happier, and more satisfied with their relationships, while couples whose communication involves ‘me’, ‘you’, and ‘I’ don’t usually enjoy their relationship.

Therefore, do almost everything together; bath together more often, workout together, go for a checkup, and always having fun when together.

Keep the newness alive:

It is a normal thing that you get too familiar with each other, but keeping the newness alive will always create the spark again and again. Trying new activities together will always create the excitement and the positive energy in your relationship. Always look your best and try any of the best weight loss detox plan if you think you need one.

Give your partner some space:

The same way we want closeness is also the same way we need space. Don’t always enjoy the feeling of warmth that comes from being in a relationship, allowing your partner to have some space will help you come back better and closer.

Create couple rituals:

In ‘Seven Stages of Marriage’ by Sari Harrar, and Rita DeMaria, creating couples rituals was explained that “it is an unusual phenomenon that strengthens the relationship.”  This could be, for instance, having breakfast and dinner together, or going out to a spot on a selected day and time.

Show love in everything:

Don’t just say it, act it, show it and express it… I love you, should be in everything. Don’t wait for him/her to say it. Correct your partner’s errors in love, fight fair, be supportive, and be willing to compromise. Let love cover the multitude of wrong doings.