AVS Video Editor Review

As much as we enjoy using apps and softwares for various purposes on the internet, there are some things that come with extremely expensive price-tags. A lot of video editing tools are either too pricey to handle or are too limited for the kind of tasks we need. And video editing is something that we simply cannot overlook – even novice users who take random pictures end up needing a video editing software that is not too steep but rather budget-friendly. That is where AVS video editor software comes to rescue. It is easily accessible with all the fine features we look for in a free video editing software.

Why AVS Video Editor is The Best Free Editing Tool?

In this AVS video editor review, you will find out that AVS video editing software is a consumer-level product that offers easy-to-use and smooth interface, suitable for both novice as well as professional users. It is not a thing that is limited for the use of amateur users just because it comes for a low cost. With AVS, you can turn your raw footage into an extravagant charmer that you can show off in front of your friends and family and over social media.

The interface of AVS is designed by keeping the intricate steps out of it. Users walk through the various steps of video creation process as they start off with the interface. Each module – from importing your videos to media to adding effects, transitions, and audios – is accessible from the main screen. From the screen, users can easily shift from one project to another with ease.

What makes AVS video editor rival to its competitors and better than all the costly editing tools out in the market is that it delivers a wide variety of effects and features in such low prices. The fact that AVS video editor provides only one track for video editing is covered by the many video effects, music, overlays, and voice tracks offered by the program. These extra tracks are extremely helpful in enhancing the overall quality of your video.

There is much more to it than you think – this AVS video editor review also takes you to the healthy library provided by the program that includes tons of video effects and transitions. It offers over 650 effects and transitions that help users to craft the desired look they need for the project with precision. AVS also offers text templates of different kinds, including options like scrolling credits, titles, lower-third text and plain text that users can add anywhere they like on the screen.

AVS video editor is easily available online. You can get the free trial of the program to first have a little experience. Later, there are two options you can choose from – either a short time subscription or a life-time free AVS for just $59!