8 Beautiful Advice for Muslims

Blessed is he who is born a Muslim. The life of every Muslim Is surrounded by warnings and advice; the verses of the Holy Quran and from prophet Nuh (Alaih es Salaam) to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were all sent to warn and inform humanity of the bounties of the hereafter and the punishment which awaits the non-believing women and men.

To be a Muslim is not by our elegance but the grace of Allah as many are born Muslims but denounced Islam. So also, some are born to non-Muslim households but later accepted Islam. Allah gives taufeeq to whom he would like to be a Muslim. The identical Quran that will make people see truth and advice is the identical Quran that will lead others astray just how wonderful.

This write-up looks to a few pieces of information that each Muslims should be aware of as it moves it a long way in strengthening our relationship with the Quran and brings us closer to our creator.

#1-. “Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem” ought to be a starter for each and every activity of your life, from moving your body to doing complicated tasks.

#2. Learn how to smile where necessary. This is because smiling is among the easiest forms of worship. Don’t allow your condition cast a shadow on your face. Let your issues be known to only Allah.

#3. Be humble, be humane and show empathy while interacting with the destitute. In case you wish to give out charity to the poor try to be fine. Do not make them feel inferior to you. Smile at them make them understand you feel their pain and grieve and pray for them.

#4. Try as much as you can to use your small free times for Zikr — such as when in the elevator, in the bus, while waiting in the lounge, when climbing the staircase. Use this moment to ship as many salutations as possible upon the Prophet (sall Allaho Alaihi Wasallam).

#5. For those who have something good in your heart that you have been praying for or waiting for to happen so dearly, try to be optimistic. Believe that if it had been good for you then Allah will definitely give it to you and when he disturbs you, then he’s got something much better for you. In case you have what you want, write it down and put it somewhere you can easily glance at it. Place it in your dua particularly at fajr, try to wake up at least an hour before before fajr and ask Allah to make your wish come true.

#6. Try to integrate the Quran to your daily schedules, Make certain a day hardly moves with you reading the Quran. Listen to Quranic recitations and ponder upon the teachings and meanings of the verses. If you aren’t that good with Arabic attempt to find the English version and do not only read but try to practice what the Quran and Sunnah teaches.

#7. Really live your life, enjoy your life, accept anything situation you’ve been granted & work through it thankfully. We’ll be tested with happiness and sadness. For as long as you’re alive always anticipate sadness and happiness and do not for a second hope either to continue forever. Praise, obey and give your life to Allah (SWT), live how Allah created to reside after the morals and manners of the Prophet (SAWS).

#8. Every Time you make dua, do not be like the selfish folks who constantly pray for themselves independently. Try to add your family, friends, parents especially the ones that have departed from this dunya since they cannot pray anymore; they are in need on the du’a of their loved ones.